SKYSTAT is a lighter than air platform designed to sustain high winds while staying afloat at required altitude of 400 feet – 5000 feet over a period of 3-5 days without the need of helium top-up.


  • Persistence surveillance tool for Border Security, Homeland Security,
  • Communication across hills (satellite shadow region)- Aerostat can be used to carry repeaters, radio communication devices to set up emergency communication in remote areas.
  • Project Monitoring: Real time Monitoring of Crucial Projects i.e., Highway, Railway, Mines etc.
  • Cognitive layers like Face recognition, Headcount, demographics, License plates etc. are the AI/ML based solution to provide the comprehensive security solution to government bodies.
  • Weather Monitoring Station
  • Air Pollution Monitoring Station
  • IMSI sensors enables the detection of unwarranted GSM/CDMA modules in secluded regions.
  • Coastal Surveillance: A perfect platform integrated with IMSI Modules and long range EO/IR cameras to enable round the clock coastal security.

Available Models:

S.No. Model Name Cubic Capacity(m3) Payload(kg) Operating Altitude Limit(feet)
1 SKYSTAT ST2 14 02 1000
2 SKYSTAT ST10 45 10 1500
3 SKYSTAT ST20 75 20 2000
4 SKYSTAT ST30 100 30 2500
5 SKYSTAT ST40 200 40 3000
6 SKYSTAT ST50 250 50 5000

A brief comparison with Drones in the context of Persistence Operation requirement.

Prime Parameters Drones Aerostats
Crashes Yes No
Endurance (Flight time) 45- 60 Min (Best in industry) 24X7X365 – (Every 3-5 days the balloon needs to be brought down for refilling of helium)
Operator/ Pilot required Yes No
Payload Camera Typically, 250-1000 grams 1-50 Kg Multiple payload – Camera, Radio Transreceiver, Repeaters, ESM, 4G Transreceiver, IMSI Modules
High Wind No fly, upto 35 km/hr Wind Conditions Works up to wind 96 km/hr Works even in mild rain

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