Precision Agriculture

The health condition of the most plants can be analyzed by the way they reflect the light. Special cameras can be used to detect water,nutrient, disease and insect attacks before such stressingfactors are even visible to the human eye. The visible lightspectrum (e.g., red, blue, green) that we are most familiarwith is only part of the equation. Vegetation also reflectslight in the near-infrared (NIR) portion of the spectrum.

plant health assessment products are derived byanalyzing the differential reflectance of visible and nearinfraredlight from plant leaves. The analysis of the wayplants differentially reflect light is used to derive theNormalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), which hasbeen used by scientists analyzing satellite imagery for yearsto study plant conditions.

  • Detect general stress before it is visible to the human eye
  • Calculate acres of damage caused by weather or infestation
  • Save time during crop scouting efforts
  • Create variable rate herbicide, pesticide, and fungicide treatment plans
  • Establish modeling for yield forecasting
  • Measure grass biomass for grazing rotation pattern

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