Skybuoy is a robust and versatile aerial platform being offered by SkyteX. Skybuoy enables clients for longer ISR operations, mapping & surveying missions to enhance the productivity. High endurance of 60 min in its weight category is truly a remarkable feat that SkyteX has able to achieve over the years of research & development. Skybuoy has smaller footprint both in terms of size &weight and can support payload upto 2 kg and flight time of 60 min with a 600 gm payload.

  • Robust and Versatile platform realized on the low SWaP concept
  • Modular design & construction enables ease of operation, storage and repair
  • High endurance platform to enhance operational efficacy
  • Suitable for enhanced operations in ISR, Search & Rescue, Mapping & Surveying, Inspection etc.

Technical Parameters
S.No. Value
1 MTOW(Kg) 3.2
2 Empty Weight(Kg) 2.4
3 Max. Payload(Kg) 2
4 Size(m) 1 x 1
Performance Parameters
S.No. Value
1 Range(km) 5
2 Endurance(min) 60
3 Cruise Speed(m/s) 15
4 Max. Speed(m/s) 24
5 Wind Resistance(m/s) 12
6 Max. Launch Alt.(km) 3

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